The Architectural Heritage Division conducts systematic surveys and studies of historical buildings at home and abroad to lay the foundation for research in traditional Korean architecture. It also provides academic and technical assistance for preservation and management of architectural monuments and for related policy formulation. Major tasks include academic study of historical buildings, research related to their restoration and maintenance and publication of research reports and reference materials.

Survey of Traditional Buildings Image

Survey of Traditional Buildings

Systematic studies are conducted on traditional buildings to record and classify information about their history and present conditions that can be used for their preservation.

Restoration and Repair Methods Image

Restoration and Repair Methods

The goal of this project is to provide support for the repair and restoration of architectural cultural assets with regard to the accurate restoration of assets to their original condition via the analysis of data obtained from traditional architecture research studies.

International Surveys Image

International Surveys

The goal of this project is to reconstruct the original appearances of historical buildings, both made of wood and stone, by analyzing available survey data and data on construction techniques. Using the results from this project.

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