Geotechnical Excavation

Survey Period 2007 ~


The Honam region has remains that will be important in establishing the nature of its ancient cultures, but due to various development projects, they are either being damaged or lost. Thus, to systematically preserve and utilize these heritages, comprehensive research is being conducted at various development project sites.

The research is divided into two categories. The first consists of a basic survey for building heritage archives that has been ongoing since 2006 and by which we seek to systematically and comprehensively compile domestic and overseas research on the Honam region heritages so as to provide advice on the development of content for the utilization of cultural resources and to formulate policies for effectively preserving and utilizing heritages.

Under this program to list Honam heritage-related research data and create a database, we published three reference books on archeology (2,390 cases), construction (991 cases), and cultural heritage (3,807 cases). We also published books and catalogues on the No. 3 Ancient Tomb in Bogam-ri, Naju, and the jar coffin tombs which are strongly representative of the ancient remains of the Yeongsangang River area. Also, we have collected domestic and overseas materials on important cultural heritages and published their translations.

The second is a basic survey that has been under way since 2007 to create a database on surveying and researching measures for systematically preserving and utilizing cultural heritages. To that end, a portal of the Yeongsangang River area cultural heritages is being created for thirteen cities and counties by region and type.

These programs seek to prepare comprehensive and systematic measures for preserving and utilizing cultural heritages, to shed new light on cultural heritage values, and to build cultural tourism infrastructures.

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