The Research Division of Architectural Heritage conducts systematic surveys and studies of historical buildings at home and abroad to lay the foundation for research in traditional Korean architecture. It also provides academic and technical assistance for preservation and management of architectural monuments and for related policy formulation. Major tasks include academic study of historical buildings, research related to their restoration and maintenance and publication of research reports and reference materials.



Research on techniques for repairing stone architectural heritages
Surveys and research on traditional wooden architecture
Regular examinations of state-designated architectural heritages
Safety inspections of architectural heritages requiring extra care


Commencement of study of skills for repairing stone-made architectural heritage objects.
Commencement of survey and study of skills related to traditional wooden architecture.


Completion of research on preservation and use of historic sites.
Commencement of study concerning the restoration and maintenance of Mireuksa Temple in Iksan.


Commencement of repair work on the Three-story Stone Pagoda of Bulguksa Temple, Gyeongju.
Launch of the Gyeongju Stone Heritage Restoration Service.


Commencement of repair work for the Three-story Stone Pagoda at Bulguksa Temple in Gyeongju.
Completion of the archaeological verification research for the restoration of Mireuksa Temple.


Safety management research for disaster prevention of structural heritages begun;
preservation and research of historical sites begun.


Historical research for the restoration of Mireuksa Temple begun; historical research for the maintenance of Jeongnimsa Temple undertaken.


Basic plan for comprehensive repair of the Gameunsa Temple Site drafted; research and development of practical applications for traditional architectural techniques begun.


Cooperative exchange initiatives established for architectural cultural properties in Korea, China, and Japan.


Basic plans for the restoration of Hwangnyongsa Temple and the maintenance of Jeongnimsa Temple Site drafted.


Began the record preservation project for stone cultural assets.


Research Division of Structures became an independent entity (July); repair and maintenance of Gyeongju Stone Pagoda begun.


International investigation begun.


Repair and maintenance of the Maitreya Stone Pagoda begun.


Survey of memorial halls begun for the purpose of investigating the cultural assets of Confucian structures.


Survey of Confucian schools conducted in preparation for the publication of a series on Confucian architecture.


Survey of stone pagodas of the Baekje period begun.


Restoration of cultural assets using traditional architecture construction technique surveys and computer-aided systems.


Research Division of Arts and Crafts focused on arts and crafts as well as research of ancient buildings, following its establishment as the office in charge of excavations and surveys of historical sites.


Safety inspection of major cultural properties undertaken.


Responsibility for experimental studies transferred from the first cultural property division of the Office of Cultural Properties.


Surveying of arts and crafts subdivided into categories - wooden structure surveys; stone structure surveys; private housing surveys; and publication of “Korea’s Traditional Architecture” - with the official launch of the Research Division of Heritage within the Office of Cultural Properties.


Organizational revision of the Office of Cultural Heritage undertaken; excavation surveys, historical building investigations and surveys of arts and crafts begun in earnest.


Survey of wooden structures initiated and the first edition of “Korea’s Traditional Architecture” published.


Survey of private houses begun with the establishment of the Research Division of Heritage.

Survey of Traditional Buildings Image

Survey of Traditional Buildings

Systematic studies are conducted on traditional buildings to record and classify information about their history and present conditions that can be used for their preservation.

Restoration and Repair Methods Image

Restoration and Repair Methods

The goal of this project is to provide support for the repair and restoration of architectural cultural assets with regard to the accurate restoration of assets to their original condition via the analysis of data obtained from traditional architecture research studies.

International Surveys Image

International Surveys

The goal of this project is to reconstruct the original appearances of historical buildings, both made of wood and stone, by analyzing available survey data and data on construction techniques. Using the results from this project.


Asia Cooperation Program on Conservation Science Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea National Palace Museum of Korea Korea National Commission for UNESCO