The Research Division of Artistic Heritage handles a variety of academic projects designed to establish an academic foundation for Korean art history through systematic research and studies about important cultural heritage related to Korean arts and crafts which are scattered at home and abroad. It also collects and provides relevant data concerning the preservation and management of traditional art. These projects include comprehensive academic research on the royal tombs of the Joseon Dynasty, academic research about the designation of movable cultural heritage, compilation of a biographical dictionary of Korean calligraphers and artists, recording of traditional Korean patterns, and research on Korean artifacts in foreign countries. The outcomes of these projects are published in the form of academic books by subject area and provided for general use on internet sites.



DACS renamed as Research Division of Artistic Heritage.


Project to publish a “Who’s Who” of Korean calligraphers begun.


Comprehensive academic research on the royal tombs of the Joseon Dynasty begun.


Study project of Korean traditional patterns begun.


Research Division of Architectural Heritage separated from the DACS.


Ten-year project of inquiry into Korean cultural items held abroad and in North Korea begun.


Project to produce videos of epigraphs begun.


Additional research team formed to survey and excavate Namsan Mountain; the Division of Arts and Crafts Studies (DACS) now focusing on arts, crafts and traditional architecture.


Ten-year survey of Buddhist remains in Namsan Mountain, Gyeongju begun.


Survey of external Buddhist paintings in temples begun.


Survey of Korean cultural assets held in North Korea and overseas begun.


Review of information leaflet providing information on cultural items referred to by RDAH.


Program to assess safety measures for the protection of cultural items launched.


Survey of Buddhist paintings in Buddhist monasteries and temples in Korea.


Survey of 159 Buddhist bells in Buddhist temples and national and public museums in Korea.


Research of folk arts and crafts begun as an independent survey.

Research of Fine Arts Image

Research of Fine Arts

The RDAH collects the basic data and resources of traditional fine arts (Paintings, sculptures and crafts) to help researchers in their studies, and to assist the establishment of government policies related to Korea’s cultural assets.

Research of Historic Records Image

Research of Historic Records

As many cultural items have been exposed to weathering and human damage over the years, the RDAH launched a project to study epigraphs, manuals of state rituals during the Joseon Dynasty, and other non-fixed cultural items in order to establish a preservation system.

Survey of Korean Traditional Patterns Image

Survey of Korean Traditional Patterns

A survey was made of the traditional patterns used as ornamentation in art and crafts and in buildings. The illustrated collection of traditional patterns was published and made available online.

Academic Survey of Joseon Royal Tombs Image

Academic Survey of Joseon Royal Tombs

Intensive academic investigations are under way on 44 royal tombs of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) in the Seoul and Gaeseong areas. Results of the investigations will be used as basic information for academic research and restoration of the tombs.

North-South Korea Joint Survey of Cultural Properties Image

North-South Korea Joint Survey of Cultural Properties

Research on cultural heritage in North Korea is carried out with the aim of recovering cultural similarities between South Korea and North Korea that have been cut off due to division of the country.

Survey of Korean Cultural Assets Held Overseas Image

Survey of Korean Cultural Assets Held Overseas

The division completed a survey of Korean cultural assets held in collections overseas and produced the corresponding reports. For those cultural assets in a poor state of preservation.


Asia Cooperation Program on Conservation Science Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea National Palace Museum of Korea Korea National Commission for UNESCO