Research Articles

Korean Journal of Heritage :History & Science

Founded in 1965, 『Korean Journal of Heritage :History & Science』 is the only academic journal in Korea that oversees all fields of cultural heritage such as archaeology, artistic heritage, architectural heritage, intangible heritage, natural heritage, safety and disaster prevention and conservation science, and was selected as the Korea Citation Index(KCI) accredited journal in 2011. NRICH publishes Korean Journal of Heritage :History & Science four times a year to contribute in promoting active research activities and improving performance in cultural heritage research.

Conservation Science Studies

Conservation Science Studies promotes active research activities and shares research results in the field of conservation science, such as systematic management of cultural heritage conservation science academic research materials, establishment of database of conservation and restoration technology.

Journal of Korean Archaeology

NRICH has published the Journal of Korean Archaeology every year since 2006. The Journal is a periodical introducing excavation cases within the field of Korean Archaeology, which have received attention from the media and academic circles, and compiling the discoveries and significances thereof. While it is meant to be a discipline-specific publication, it also expands the base for the general public along with cultural diversity using various images and contributes to dispersion of concerns related to cultural heritage preservation. Furthermore, the journal creates general consensus on protection of cultural heritage through prompt disclosure of major archaeological sites. Besides the latest excavation results, the  journal provides varied information such as new trends and statistics for efficient dissemination of the newest discoveries and their scientific values for experts and non-experts alike, and also encourages international academic exchanges by global distribution.

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