Purpose and Significance of Establishment

Purpose and Significance of Establishment

Natural Heritage Center

The Natural Heritage Center is a national research institution established to systematically investigation, research, exhibit, and educate the public about natural heritage, including natural monuments and scenic spots, in order to widely promote their value and significance to the nation.

At the Natural Heritage Center's exhibition hall, you can find displays of research findings on natural heritage, including fossils like dinosaur eggs and footprints, taxidermy specimens of animals such as the asiatic black bear, otter, and eagle, as well as plant specimens like the Jon Do-ri fine tree. These exhibits are aimed at assisting professional researchers and young learners. The center also offers a creative learning experience through interactive spaces, search kiosks, and a video room.

Furthermore, the Natural Heritage Center is actively evolving into a recognized research institution for natural heritage. This is achieved through academic exchange with UNESCO, international natural heritage organizations, and natural history museums from around the world.

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