The Archaeological Heritage Division promotes extended scientific research into important domestic and international archaeological sites as well as offering research support for unexcavated cultural properties and international exchange projects. Based on current academic research on important archaeological sites, the office has identified the need for cultural asset policies that are appropriate to the restoration and maintenance of cultural relics. For such research support, the office publishes dictionaries and journals, as well as facilitating continuing education and historical site exploration. Furthermore, by proceeding with joint research projects involving archaeological institutions in other countries such as Russia, the office plans to concentrate on restoring a more accurate history of Korea.

Excavation Investigation Image

Excavation Investigation

In carrying out Excavation Investigations and studies of important ruins from the prehistoric and historic periods, the office is attempting to accomplish an accurate restoration of Korean history by presenting reports on site maintenance and restoration as well as research results.

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Surface Investigation

The Surface Investigation project by the National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage is aimed at gathering data for a cultural heritage database. Survey results obtained so far from this project have been compiled and published into a CD-ROM series titled National Cultural Heritage Compendium.

Archaeological Prospection

The National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage is using a geophysical method in order to investigate the internal structure of the underground area in connection with an investigation into buried heritages.

Archaeological Prospection Image

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Joint International Research

The NRICH as the only comprehensive national research institution for cultural heritage in South Korea, has been making significant, noteworthy discoveries regarding the restoration of the “Network for Heritages of Ancient Culture Korea” by carrying out joint excavations and research projects with Russia, Mongolia, and few Central Asian countries since 2000

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