Collaborative Excavations

Object & History

In order to inquire into the common cultural heritage of mankind, The NRICH carries out joint excavation projects in cooperation with certain Eurasian countries including Russia and Kazakhstan. Starting with a joint research between Korean and Russia in 1999, The NRICH has collected important research data to understand the identity of the ancient cultures of the Korean Peninsula and their exchange relationships, and continues to establish international cooperative relationships through multi-faceted, interdisciplinary research.

State of Collaborative Excavations

Name of Institutions Research Content
Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences Neolithic residential sites investigation of Suchu Island on the Lower Amur River(1999~2003) Bulochka site investigation, Primorsky Krai(2003~2006) The treasures of Primorie and Priamurie: New results of Korea-Russia joint excavation [special exhibition](2006) Materials and Researches Korean-Russian Archaeological Expedition in Western Priamur(2008~2010) 5th Joint Research Project(2022~2027)
Institute of History, Archaeology and Ethnography, Far East Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences Studies of the historical culture between medieval Primorsky Krai and Korean Peninsula(2006~2025) Studies of pre-historic to medieval Primorsky Krai and restoration of the its cultural networks(2006~2025)
Institute of Archaeology, Mongolian Academy of Sciences Five seasons of excavation of Gobi-Altai Aimag, Mongolia(2009~2018) Surface survey of Pazyryk graves in Bayan-Ölgii Aimag, Mongolia(2015) Three seasons of joint excavation of rock mound graves in Western Mongolia (Shiveet Khairkhan Site)(2016~2018) Elaboration of research reports for the joint excavations of Shiveet Khairkhan Site(2019) Comparative studies of Ancient Eurasian horse cultures(2021~2028)
A. Kh. Margulan Institute of Archaeology; National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan Excavation of the Ancient Tombs in Katartobe, Zhetysu, Kazakhstan(2015~2017) Distribution studies of Kurgan graves within the Zhetysu region, Kazakhstan(2018) Distribution studies of Kurgan graves within the Altai region, Kazakhstan(2019) Comparative studies of Ancient Eurasian horse cultures(2021~2027)