Collaborative Research

Object & History

The NRICH has signed MOUs with cultural heritage-related organizations and is carrying out various projects such as mutual academic exchange and joint research between researchers. It will be an opportunity to conduct a field survey on the cultural heritages of two countries and to enhance the understanding of mutual cultural heritage. In addition, research reports and academic books are exchanged to share the latest research results. The research results are published in books and conferences.

Current Studies

No Topic Name of Institutions Country Period
1 Korea-Russia ancient ruins research
on Maritime Province
Institute of History, Archaeology and
Ethnology of the Peoples of the
Far-East, Far-Eastern Branch
RAS 2021~2025
2 Joint research on animal remains
excavated from Korea-Russia
archaeological sites
Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology,
Siberian Branch of Russian
Academy of Sciences
RAS 2022~2027
3 Joint study of dinosaur fossils in
Korean and Mongolian
Institute of Paleontology,
Mongolian Academy of Science
Mongolia 2023~2028
4 Joint study on the safety prevention
of Korea-Mongolian cultural heritage
National Center for Cultural
Heritage, Ministry of Culture
Mongolia 2024~2027
5 Academic study of Mongolian
archaeological cultural heritage
Institute of Archaeology,
Mongolian Academy of Science
Mongolia 2023~2028
6 Joint study of Eurasian ancient
horseback riding culture
National Museum the Republic of Kazakhstan 2021~2026
7 Joint research on Eurasian ancient
equestrian culture
Margulan institute archaeology the Republic of Kazakhstan 2022~2027
8 International research on scenic
spots between Korea and China
The Museum of Chinese Gardens and Landscape Architecture College of Urban and Environmental Sciences, Peking University Korean Cultural Center P.R.China 2014~2027
9 Comparative study of ancient
cultural heritage between
Korea and China
Shaanxi Academy of Archaeology P.R.China 2019~2024
10 Joint Research on Cultural Exchanges
in Ancient East Asia
Zhejiang Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology P.R.China 2022~2025
11 Joint study on the formation and
development of ancient culture
between Korea and Japan
Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties Japan 2021~2028
12 Joint research on the history of
cultural exchange between Korea
and Japan
Fukuoka Prefecture Japan 2024~2028
13 Korea-Japan Joint Research Project Tottori Prefecture Japan 2022~2025
14 Joint research on ancient material
culture between Korea and Japan
Archaeological Institute of
Kashihara, Nara prefecture
Japan 2023~2027