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제목 NRICH 2022 제4호(Vol.4)
형태사항 50p / 30cm 발행년도 2022

NRICH 2022 제4호(Vol.4)


04 Director's Message

05 NRICH History

06 NRICH Organization

Featured Column

08 Scientific Non-Destructive Testing on Hahoe Masks and Byeongsan Masks of Andong, National Treasure

12 Large-Scale Buddhist Paintings Bloom Through Scientific Analysis

16 Tracing Horse Culture, Driving Force Behind Cultural Exchanges in Ancient Eurasia

20 Astronomical Science of Joseon Dynasty

24 Landscape Research of Royal Palaces of Silla

Mini Essay

30 Intangible Cultural Heritage of North Korean Origin

32 A Walk with Nature and Scenic Beauty

34 Dogs That Guard Gaya Tombs

36 Conservation Treatment Breathes New Life Into Painting for the Kings

40 Paper That Lasts for Thousand Years

42 Feeling the World Through Six Dots

NRICH Inside

45 Around NRICH

50 Publication


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