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제목 NRICH 2021 제3호(Vol.3)
형태사항 50p / 30cm 발행년도 2021

NRICH 2021 제3호(Vol.3)


04 Director's Message

05 NRICH History

06 NRICH Organization

Featured Column

08 Restoring the Ancient Cultural Network of Eurasia through Joint International Excavations

12 Joint Research with Foreign Museums on Overseas Korean Artistic Heritage

16 Establishing Partnerships for Preservation of East Asian Architectural Heritage

20 Bringing Life to Asian Conservation Science

24 Discovering and Preserving Natural Heritage through International Cooperation

Mini Essay

30 Faith and Friendship of a Millennium: Sehando (Winter Scene) by Kim Jeong-hui

32 Tristram's Woodpecker (Dryocopus javensis richardsi), an Emblematic Bird of the Korean Peninsula

34 Celebrating the 50th Year since the Discovery of the Tomb of King Muryeong that Has Rewritten the History of Baekje

36 Science Reveals Secrets behind Large Buddhist Paintings

38 Colors of Tradition Tinged with Nature: Natural Inorganic Pigments

40 The Past of Cultural Heritage Revealed through Light

NRICH Focus Exclusive Interview Corner

42 Ambassador of France to the Republic of Korea Meets the NRICH

NRICH Inside

46 Around the NRICH

51 Publication


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