Safety inspection of cultural properties requested by cities and provinces Image

Cultural heritage that have formed naturally or artificially over many years are valuable properties not only for the people of their country of origin but for all humankind due to their historic, artistic, and academic value, and their natural beauty in the case of landscapes. As such, it is every country’s duty to survey and study them and to preserve them for future generations.

The National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage has been striving to reveal and spread the value of our culture and history through research for the past 50 years and has become the only research institute in Korea that is in charge of comprehensive research on cultural heritage. We inaugurated this newsletter to share with the world the latest research achievements on Korean cultural heritage and to help people around the world better understand Korea’s past and present. It is our responsibility to enhance the value of the country’s culture through creating knowledge and utilizing cultural heritage and we aim to become a world-class cultural heritage research institution.


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